We Sell FRANKiE4 Shoes in Clinic

Lord Street Podiatry is proud to be a FRANKiE4 stockist, and have been for over 5 years. We love selling FRANKiE4 shoes, and so do our customers! These are by far our favorite and most popular shoe brand in the clinic, you just can't have enough of them! Check out the range in clinic today to get your feet into a pair of FRANKiE4 shoes, they will "save your soles"!

The FRANKiE4 Functional Footbeds are Podiatrist & Physiotherapist designed. They boast features that support your entire foot: rear-foot, mid-foot and forefoot are all supported.

Australian label FRANKiE4 Footwear is the brainchild of Podiatrist and Physiotherapist, turned footwear designer, Caroline McCulloch. She is on a mission to provide women with the ultimate foot supporting benefits, packed into styles they feel confident wearing.

To view more of the FRANKiE4 range, check out their website http://FRANKiE4.com.au

 Ellie 111

Our best selling Frankie 4 is the ELLiE 111

The biggest decision when you have a pair of ELLiEs is which colour to wear! These will become your go-to shoe whether it’s for all day wear at work with a pair of classic pants or to wear after hours with shorts or jeans. Pair these with low-cut invisible socks to keep your legs bare and chic in the summer months or team them with denim or leggings for the ultimate in cool weather kicks.

Podiatrist designed removable Functional Footbed:

Heel support, cradle and cushioning

Arch support

Forefoot cushioning

Patented Custom Fit Pack*

Leather upper

Leather lined footbeds

Leather lined with specifically placed foam lining to alleviate pressure on skin.

Podiatrist designed Dual Density Polyurethane Sole. Lightweight with durable outer sole, and softer midsole.

Additional laces provided for alternate styling

*Fit Pack = Full-length footbed, half-length footbed, and forefoot cushions.

 Revere Black

Our best selling Revere is the Geneva

Revere shoes are one of the most popular orthopedic shoes in our clinic.They have high quality materials, designs and finishes, proving to be one of the most favorite orthopedic shoe brands in Port Macquarie. Revere's come in lost of different shapes, sizes, styles and color, providing for all foot types for both men and women of any age! They have a Velcro removable orthotic bed, with Velcro straps, allowing the shoes to fit almost anyone. They even come with extension straps!

Visit our clinic today to try on your dream pair of orthopedic shoes, or check out the range online at http://revereshoes.com.au/

 Dr Comfort

Our best selling Dr Comfort is the Fisherman

Dr Comfort footwear has a background of 25 years experience designing diabetic shoes, Dr. Comfort shoes are made of fine quality materials for anyone suffering from health conditions that affect their feet. From bunions, to swelling, to discomfort, Dr. Comfort has a personalized shoe to give support where the foot needs it.


We sell Hoka

HOKA shoes are very popular with our triathletes in the Port Macquarie region. The 'Marshmallow' mid-sole is designed to provide maximum cushioning whilst maintaining the lowest possible weight, allowing the wearer to feel like they are running on marshmallows. This is one reason Hoka are renowned for their light weight, comfortable and stylish shoes.

Check out their range on http://www.hokaoneone.com.au/


Dr Comfort